Fun Outdoor Yard Games for Summer Family Entertainment and Parties

Fun Outdoor Yard Games for Summer Family Entertainment and Parties

Whether you want to entertain your family or host a party this summer, outdoor yard games can be just what you need. There are many fun games for the backyard that you can buy at a store, shop for on the Internet or even make yourself. Consider these classics and favorites to delight every age. Get creative and infuse fun themes into your games.


Piñatas are beloved at parties. All the work that goes into busting them to break out the hidden treasure is well worth it. For a summertime party, hang a piñata filled with candy, little trinkets or money. Have a bunch of bored little ones on summer break? Make every weekend piñata weekend!


Twister is a cherished game from many of our childhoods and some of us have probably played it in college. Chances are good that you have Twister game somewhere in your closet or in the attic. Get it out and put it on the grass. Play as a family, invite the neighbors to join in or break the ice at a party.


You might not be able to find real steel horseshoes for this favorite backyard game, but there’s probably a few plastic sets to choose from online. Horseshoes is a great way to pass the time and engage in a little competition between family and friends.

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